If you are reading this, you have just landed yourself on the
page of the 46th Best Vineyard of the World!
Yes, it cannot get any better than this. Read on…

In July 2020, KRSMA Estates was recognized as the 46th Best Vineyard of the World, the first Indian winery to ever feature on the Global Top 50 list, amidst other spectacular International Wineries.

The 2020 Top 50 reveals the most amazing vineyard experiences – the best places to taste terrific wines and learn about winemaking and grape-growing. All the places on the World’s Best Vineyards Top 50 list are worth visiting. All offer an experience to remember – and delicious wines!

Located at an hour’s drive from the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the ruins of Hampi, KRSMA Estates offers a picturesque vineyard landscape, with breathtaking sunsets overlooking rolling hills and an ancient stone-built winery that is modern in every sense. Sip on award winning vintage wines amidst surreal views of the distant countryside, and make the experience at KRSMA a memorable one.

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